Saturday, May 4, 2013

Microsoft's Illumiroom and Why it Sucks

Microsoft has released a tech demo video for it's new device that may be used on the next Xbox. In case you haven't seen it, watch the video below, or click here for the official site.

Introducing... an expensive piece of shit

Now, I think this is a terrible idea. And, so do the guys over at XJ Selman has 4 Reasons You'd Never Use Microsoft's New Gaming Device. The writer goes in depth on how much it sucks, and I encourage you to check that link out.

Here are the problems that I would have with such a device, that aren't covered in that article.

  1. I have a big TV, 72" DLP. This takes up a lot of real estate in itself, so any augmentation around it would be maybe a foot in all directions around the screen.
  2. I don't even own a coffee table for this thing to be placed on. 
  3. My living room is quite small. Maybe 14 feet from wall to wall. I couldn't possibly fit my recliner, then a coffee table and my TV into that area and expect it to work.
  4. I watch movies and play many games on my PS3 in 3D (with glasses), this wouldn't work with Illumiroom. So, next Xbox won't play 3D games? At least not with Illumiroom.
  5. It doesn't seem to add anything real or meaningful to the gaming experience. It is a novelty, rather.
Some of you may disagree with my last statement. However, I see many other gaming peripherals that can add much more depth and immersion and has none of the limitations of the Illumiroom. One such device is the Oculus Rift. A full 3D headset. I can only hope that Sony will have some kind of support for that integrated into the PlayStation 4.

What are your thoughts? Will you buy the Illumiroom? What would your limitations be? Let me know in the comments below!

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