Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grand Theft Auto 5, the New Information

Looking for the latest news about Rockstar's GTA5? You have come to the right place. As the game is within mere months of release, new information is coming every day.

September 17 can't come soon enough

There are games, and then there are games that make you the laziest person on the planet for half a year. This game definitely falls into (what I think will be) the latter category. With the wealth of information that has been released this past week, this game looks like it may just keep me from finishing my degree this year.

Grand Theft Auto 5 will be coming to PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17, 2013. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like we will be getting this game for PC according to several sources. Rockstar has stated that they want to remain focused on consoles. Check out the official website here.

What can you look forward to? Take a look at this video from Rev3Games.


If you don't have the time to watch an 11 minute video, or just can't, here are some things I am most looking forward too.

Heists: In GTA5, Michael (the rich white guy) is a film buff and starts to get into real life theft. In order to break into that bank, museum or whatever, YOU will need to gather intelligence, find an armored car, buy the masks and plan the mission.

This takes a huge turn from other games and previous iterations of Grand Theft Auto that hold your hand and has all of this already completed.

A Living World: From coyotes and deer in the forests to gangstas in the ghetto and even SHARKS THAT WILL KILL YOU in the oceans, Los Santos looks like a place I will be spending most of my time come fall. (and winter (and spring))

Character Specialization: Franklin (the CJ clone) is the better of the three when you need someone shot. He can handle guns and pistols better than the other two. 

Michael, on the other hand, used to be a pilot. Or at least he had his pilot license. This means Michael will be your go to guy when you want to fly. 

And then, there is Trevor. I could write an entire article on Trevor, and I may do so soon, but for now I will stick to the format. Trevor specializes in melee attacks. When you just want to cause mayhem with a baseball bat, a chainsaw or just your fists, Trevor is your guy. He is the berserker of the bunch. It doesn't hurt that he is bat-shit-crazy and holds no regard for personal injury either.

These are some of the things I am most looking forward to. What are you looking forward to most? Will you be buying GTA 5? For what console? Does it make you rage that it will not be on PC? Let me know in the comments and don't forget to follow for more commentary and news.

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